Manage your Schools Security with a Paxton Door Access System

Control who has access to your school building

Access control offers a secure, convenient, flexible and cost-effective way of controlling who has access to your school building and when that access is allowed.

Schools have a duty to protect both students and staff members from unwanted visitors, whilst allowing people to move freely in the areas they need. Installing an access control system from Cablers means you will never have to change a lock again. Using tokens, access through controlled doors can be maintained and users are easily barred from the system if needs be.

Door systems can be integrated with your other onsite systems such as CCTV, InVentry or other visitor systems. Even your MIS system can be connected so staff can be automatically uploaded and managed within the door access console.

Installed by specialists

With our experience supporting IT for schools and delivering networks and CCTV across Essex and Suffolk, our team can not only install a door access system but also set it up on you existing network and integrate it with other systems like you schools MIS, add and associate CCTV cameras to relevant doors, integrate the InVentry or visitor sign-in system so when staff open a door, it automatically signs them in our out of the building.

By Choosing a system from Cablers you can be assured of:

  • Industry proven products

  • Offically trained staff

  • Integration options with other school systems

  • Ongoing support

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