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Primary Attack

“Lauren sat ashen faced staring at the computer screen, panic building up in the pit of her stomach. The reality of what had happened was just beginning to sink in.

£3,000 of the schools money, stolen, and she had been an integral part of it.”

Yes it’s true, your school is at risk of being hacked and the above extract is what could actually happen if you don’t keep your network secure.

We are hearing more and more stories of school’s emails being breached or compromised, and if you haven’t heard of something like this happening you certainly will at some point.

Cablers have been working with a leading specialist email security company to be able to offer schools a unique 365 Security Pack to help protect schools against these kind of attacks.

Cablers 365 Security Pack will help protect your Microsoft 365 accounts with the following features

Email Forwarding Alerts

Scans and notifies of any forwarders that have been set up on emails accounts, so you can act fast before any damage is done.

Admin Monitoring

Scans and notifies if any admin account changes are made in Office 365.

Spoofing Protection

Automatically scans received emails for possible spoofing, by running checks against the name and domain. If it finds a match it splashes a warning across the email.

Office 365 Security Audit

Ensures that tracking is always automatically activated on 365 accounts and even if someone accidentally or maliciously turns it off, it reactivates it again.

The Security Report

Delivers all of the key security information about who has access to what in the Office 365 platform at the touch of a button.

If you would like to know more about our 365 security pack or any other products, call one of the Cablers team on 01787 221166 or email

If you would like to know more about any of the above products or services,

call the Cablers team on 01787 221166