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If it’s technology in the classroom
chances are we do it

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We have been delivering technology in schools for more than 20 years.

Our extensive experience working with schools means that you won’t find another company that can deliver every part of a schools technology. From IT support, supplying and setting up new laptops, Chromebooks or iPads to Wi-Fi, touchscreens, cabling and telephone systems, if it’s technology in the classroom
chances are we do it.


IT Support for schools in Essex and Suffolk

Murray Thorpe

Author and School IT Expert

More than 20 years ago today I walked into a school office placed my tool box on the floor and said “Hi we’re the Cablers and we have come to network your computers in the office” and from that day on the name Cablers stuck with us.

Over the last 20+ years we have grown from our early days of cabling to become one of the leading IT companies for schools in Essex, Suffolk and North & East London Boroughs offering networking, classroom touchscreens, hall AV systems, phone systems and complete IT management solutions.

We support a variety of both primary and secondary schools, Trusts and SEN schools; from ones who historically had a ‘man in a van’ support, right up to large multi-site academies.  Delivering the functional to state-of-the-art computer tech and cabling.  Building IT solutions to suit your schools’ needs.

I believe in Cablers, our level of service, our support technicians and our office staff. We have a hard-working ethos, low staff turn over and a forward thinking team.

Try us out – you won’t be disappointed.

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Meet the Team

About Us – The Guys in the Office

About Us - Murray

Murray is our leader, chief, creator and visionary, always coming up with new ideas, plans and adventures, delegating what he can, whilst working hard doing the rest.

His vision for the company is much like his personality, one that is a fun and caring , with a great work ethic and will always take the time for our customers.

In his private life, Murray is a hands-on dad of two, husband and dog daddy. His weekends are taken up supporting his (very) athletic children at their various sport pastimes, and making sure they have every opportunity to succeed.

In the limited free time he then has, Murray is a keen amateur wildlife photographer and golfer.

About Us - Peter

Peter, is our long suffering Office Manager, he is in charge of all office activities and the Cabling side of the business and has been here since the company began. His plethora of useless/ful facts makes him the best man to have on your quiz team, or just to add randomness to your workday. PS, We think he likes football…

About Us - Olga

Olga is our Office and Finance Administrator, Olga has a heart of gold and loves a good chat, she processes all of our invoices. The other half (some say better) to Murray, she, like him supports her children in their extra curricular activities, however her super power is – knitting: ask her about her creative mushrooms.

About Us - Sue

Sue is our Marketing guru…busy mum of twins, Sue loves her ‘break’ at the office, keeping our social media up to date, sending information to our customers,  working on the website and writing articles and blogs under her pen name Sue Panini. She always has time to make sure there is a fresh pot of coffee on the brew in the office.   When Sue isn’t at work she loves camping with the Scouts and reading crime thrillers.

About Us – Account Management

About Us - Kevin

Kevin is one of our Senior Account Managers; great with people and with a unique sense of humour.
Crime thriller lover Kevin likes to get to the bottom of all problems, detecting and finding the best way through for his customer base.
Like his favourite Detective, Bergerac, his cheeky smile engages with his customers and he will always see a job through to the end.

About Us - Iain

Iain, one of our Senior Account Managers has a long pedigree in the industry and continues to build Cablers’ good reputation, ensuring our customers receive a great quality service and is a reactive point of contact.
Iain loves a game of golf and will quite happily talk to you about it – if you have a spare 48 hours?

About Us - Stacey

Stacey is the Office Sales and Marketing Administrator, a key part of our team, Stacey ensures that our customers have a point of contact for regular orders, and renewals. In her spare time, she has fun as a mum of two young boys, and enjoys family gatherings with her nearest and dearest.

About Us – Tech Team

About Us - Paul

Paul is our IT Team Leader, he has the unenvious task of making sure that all our technicians know where they are going and when, juggling appointments and still managing to help our customers out every single day. A family man, Paul still likes to escape to the pub for a catch up with his friends and a few beers after a busy week at work, or heading out on the estuary upon his boat.

About Us - Brad

Brad is one of our IT technicians – delivering a good service is second nature for Brad after his stint as an Amazon delivery driver one Christmas. An ex mechanical engineer, Brad started his new career with Cablers in 2019 he has forged his way into being a great IT technician.

Brad loves variety and independence, and enjoys meeting with various schools to help them resolve issues and get them back on track with their IT.

About Us - Garry

Garry is one of our IT Technicians always with a ready smile and a perfectly groomed beard. Garry loves his 3d printer, and has perfected his StarWars character collection with it – liquid or filament, if you ever want to purchase one, he can give you all the pros and cons.
Garry loves working with people, building up a good rapport and making sure the customer is always happy. He is a great asset to our customer service and technical team.

About Us - Dan

Dan is one of our IT Technicians and the office chameleon, quiet and shy, until you get to know him, then he is a fun and enthusiastic person. Loves his sci-fi books and computer games, a great source for your next best read. A technical brain, means that in his spare time he likes to play with PC’s and as with all IT people – has become his family tech support!

About us - Matt

Matt Inhouse IT Help Desk – With a graphic and web design history, Matt is our newest recruit, supporting customers on the help desk.
Top player on Spyro the Dragon, he spends his spare time gaming and playing with tech (he does prefer other more combative gaming though!)
Matt is very methodical and will follow a problem to the core to resolve it for our clients.

About Us -

Tim one of our IT Support Technicians joined us in 2023.  He works in the office most mornings, supporting our schools and businesses with their technical hiccups.  In the afternoons, he is out and about visiting his customers and supporting them with their IT needs.

Tim is an avid skateboarder (and has been since he was 14), and has many achievements under his belt, including skating the California Venice Beach!  Tim also shares his colleagues passions for RPG and Third-Person Action gaming, has a huge collection of movies for many genres that include Sci-Fi, Horror, Thrillers and enjoys a spot of photography or drumming (get your ear defenders ready!) when he can.

About Us – Engineers

About Us - Sonny

Sonny is one of our Installation Engineers we think he is nearly 100, but no one is really sure… best sense of humour… (promise), he’s an all round good egg, former snow border and lover of good wine.

About Us - Dylan

Dylan is one of our Installation Engineers, with over 20 years experience in cabling and fibre optics he is also CNIT qualified
Dylan moved to England at 23 from Port Elizabeth in South Africa to follow his musical dream – to play guitar in a rock band. He now plays in a duo regularly gigging around the Cambridge musical circuit.

About Us - Lee

Lee, is our Network Engineer – Working with networks since he left school, Lee loves the variation of work – with no two days being the same, whether visiting schools, offices, warehouses or building sites.

Speagle the cat is centre part of Lee’s home life, one day he hopes to take him canoeing with him (harnessed obviously).

About Us -

Our apprentice Josh, loves tech – building keyboards, and de-constructing lots of other things (hold your breath if you want it back in original condition, without mods, or bits missing!)

Engineering is in his genes and as tech is his go to for work and pleasure, becoming a network engineer seemed to be the right course for his new career.

If you ever enter into a ten pin bowling match – make sure Josh is on your team, as along with gaming and cricket, he has a knack for knocking over the pins!


For support, wherever you are – Chelmsford, Colchester, Braintree, Maldon, Sudbury, Ipswich or surrounding villages and towns –  call the Cablers team on 01787 221166